Some tunes we play

A few samples of what we get up to.

Peaceful River set

Peaceful River is a slow air written by Gian Marco Pietrasanta. We play it in honour of our own peaceful river, the Foss in York (see photos), and follow it with The Bend in the River (anon), a graceful waltz, and finish this set by letting our hair down in Shepherd & Shepherdess, a wonderful eighteenth-century tune that we learnt from the playing of the Boldwood band.


A nineteenth-century polka on the flute, with viol, guitar, and percussion. Who knew that a harp made such a good drum?

Hole in the Wall and Horse's Branle

Hole in the Wall started its life as a theatre tune by Purcell, called simply Hornpipe; then it was taken up (and renamed) by Playford as a dance tune. We present it here as a slow tune on harp and viol, then up the revs a bit with the well-known Horse's Branle, from Arbeau's book of dance instruction (mid-sixteenth century).